Ayuko Babu & Ramin Naimi


AYUKO BABU (right), is an International Legal, Cultural and Political Consultant specializing in African affairs. In addition to the Pan African Film Festival, Mr. Babu currently serves as a Director on the
Board of the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. President of the African Development Public Investment Corporation and SOLAR Records. In 1977, Babu was a consultant to Stevie Wonder during Mr. Wonder’s participation at FESTAC (the 2nd Festival of Pan African Arts and Culture) held in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Babu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University, Los Angeles and attended the UCLA School of Law.


RAMIN NIAMI (left), directed his first feature film in 1997, Somewhere in the City, starring Sandra Bernhard, Robert John Burke, Bai Ling and Peter Stormare, which was screened at over 25 international film festivals. It was released theatrically by Artistic license and was shown on HBO and Cinemax. Niami has worked as a director and producer in the US, UK and Europe on over twenty television documentaries, dramatic shorts and television commercials, many of them broadcast by the BBC, Channel Four, PBS, as well as many others.

Website: www.babesandrickysinn.com



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