But I Only Cheated a Little Bit!


When it comes to human nature isn’t it funny how we demand integrity and honesty in everyone except ourselves.   Recently, I ran into a client I had not seen in a while who had lost over 40 pounds during her time with me.  I’m proud to say she even lost more on her own.   She told me she was frustrated because her weight is not moving down as fast anymore.


I asked the usual checklist of questions to try to guide her focus back and get to the core of the issue.  She told me her workouts are great, she is till fitting comfortably in her clothes but still has more inches to lose.  I finally asked the question about her nutrition and her response was, “Well… I tend to cheat little bit at night.”  I realized at that moment we found the biggest culprit.  I immediately reminded her of the “fat cell theory.”  This theory in not a new concept but I’ll explain to frame this article.  


Just as badly as we want our bodies to change from fat to fit in our minds, there is also the demon of staying the same regardless of what our mind demands.  The same goes for the cells in in our body.  As we start to losing fat and weight from healthy eating an exercise fat cells get smaller but they don’t go away.  You, for a time, have successfully staved your fat cells, but they cannot wait to be refilled.  Yes, your fat cells are resistant to change also.  When you fall off course and reintroduce your cells to the comfort foods it was once used to, it latches on fast and soon enough the fat cells get back to their plump and “so called” normal self or what the fat cells think is normal.   Which is not the desired effect our body was looking for in our quest for overall fitness.  


The only good thing is that it has nothing to do with your muscular gain.  It is just the fat; which puts you right back the game of being a candidate for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Plus, it covers the muscle so you can’t see the lean muscle tissue you worked so hard to gain.  In the end we have minimal fat loss due to lack of nutritional discipline.


For this article, I want you to treat your body like as if you were in a bonded relationship with it.  


Work with me here…


When you have a committed relationship, a strong friendship, family relationship or a business contract and things are going great, the last thing you expect from it is deception or cheating.   In fact, you demand and expect the utmost integrity from your loved one no matter what.  Imagine the person you trust most, who could do no wrong in your eyes, approaches you and says, “I only cheated a little bit!”  “I only kissed her a little bit!”,  “I only stole a little bit of money!”,  “I only lied to you a little bit!” or “You aren’t getting paid for your work!”


We all have probably lived this at some time and if you are completely honest with this article, it does not feel good at all.  It does not matter if it happens a little bit or a lot.  It happened and it feels horrible and your trust and ego is destroyed.  So what would be the difference if we do it to ourselves?  How angry do we get when we cheat on our personal commitment to ourselves?  Do we love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves and do all we can rebuild that trust with ourselves.  The concept is simple but very hard to put in affect.  


Repairing broken bonds it takes a lot of discipline and work.  Why would resetting your course to your personal fitness goal be any different?  Go through the same channels of forgiveness for yourself, as you would do for others you feel worth forgiving.


·     Get mad

·     Grieve

·     Distance yourself

·     Forgive

·     Demand the earning of your trust

·     Allow bond again but don’t be stupid and fall into the same trap again


In the case of other people you have a choice to do this or not.  In the case of loving yourself you really don’t.  It is either do right by yourself or literally die sooner than expected.


Now that we’ve painted a picture let’s remedy the initial problem.   I know someone is living this now.   Eating comfort food is bad enough for the body, but eating it late at night makes it much worse.  We are packing excessive calories at a time when we are the most inactive.  At the same time we’ve given our body another task, which has adverse affects to the body overtime such as, restless sleep patterns, fatigue and most important and increase in fat.


On a typical daily schedule consume your last meal between 5 and 7 p.m..  Make sure your last meal is small but packs a nutritional punch.   Go easy on the meats and fill yourself with green vegetables.  If there is a temptation to snack late, fill yourself with a cold glass of water.  Use that glass of water as a last resort deterrent to your near poor nutritional choice.   This is a strategy I use often when I struggle with night snacking.


Stress can also cause us to cheat on ourselves.  Many people use comfort foods to ease the pain or stress in the day.  Try to use you verbal skills as opposed to your taste buds to resolve issues before going to bed.  If the issues aren’t going away anytime soon prayer, meditation and exercise are great ways to ease the burden for the moment.


When you allow your body to properly fast overnight the following morning you are less likely to bebloated, food is digested better from the night before and you will most likely eat breakfast which is the most important meal of the day by most health experts.


Remember family, this is your body.  If you love yourself right it is easy to pass that love on to others.   Don’ t cheat on the most important person in your life… YOU!


You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one! So let’s train!


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