Dr Cherilyn Lee & Dr. Rosalyn M.Morrell


Dr Cherilyn Lee, FNP-C, P.A., Ph.D.(right), a Holistic Health Practitioner, believes wholeheartedly in miracles and the power of healing.  “I have suffered and survived eczema, colon cancer, asthma and two comas.”   Dr. Lee has been a healthcare practitioner for more than 23 years in the community.    She believes that “A disease is nothing more than malnutrition left untreated.”

Website: http://drlee100.tripod.com

Dr. Rosalyn M.Morrell (left),received her Radiation Oncology training at the University of Arizona and completed her fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. She has extensive experience treating all types of cancer including breast, gynecologic, prostate, lung and head & neck. Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.arcbeverlyhills.com/our-radiation-oncologist.php

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