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  1. Do not submit to FIELD sobriety tests (ie. heels to toe, touching your  nose, walking a line);
  2. Do not take the PAS test;*
  3. Do NOT admit to drinking anything-confess to God, and respectfully tell the officer that your attorney has instructed you not to answer those types of questions;
  4. Be polite and patient;
  5. Keep drivers license, proof of insurance and registration in an easy to reach location to present to officer immediately.

*California Vehicle Code §23136, PAS & Persons Under 21: the

Preliminary Screening Device, established strict Zero Tolerance requirements and penalties for drivers under 21 years of age. The DMV is required to suspend or revoke the driving privilege of any person under age 21 who was detained and/or arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, or a combination of alcohol and drugs, who:

  • Takes a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test, or a chemical test (blood or breath test) with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level of 0.01% or more, or
  • Refuses to take, or fails to complete, a PAS or other chemical test.

DUI Tips and Checkpoints:

Commerce / East LA DUI checkpoint on Whittier and Hoefner between Atlantic and Gerhardt
La Habra DUI checkpoint on Whittier west of Beach and also reported on Lambert and Idaho
Carson DUI checkpoint on Carson and Avalon
Bellflower DUI checkpoint on Alondra and Woodruff
Santa Clarita DUI checkpoint on Lyons between Wiley Cyn and Orchard Village in front of Del Taco
Bakersfield DUI checkpoint at Union and Planz between Watts Dr/Wilson Rd and White
Carson DUI checkpoint on Carson at Bonita between Avalon and the 405 by Carnegie School
Chino DUI checkpoint on Central and Francis
Baldwin Hills DUI checkpoint on La Brea between Rodeo and Coliseum being set up
Anaheim DUI checkpoint at Beach Blvd and Lincoln

Los Angeles County DUI Checkpoints
Baldwin Hills / Los Angeles – La Brea Ave and Rodeo Rd, 8p-2a
Whittier – undisclosed location, 7p-3a
Santa Clarita – undisclosed location, 6p-2a

Orange County DUI Checkpoints
La Habra – undisclosed location, 8p-3a
Midway City - undisclosed location, 9p-2a (CHP run DUI checkpoint)
Buena Park - Beach Blvd and Stanton, 7p-2a

Riverside and San Bernardino County (Inland Empire) DUI Checkpoints
Moreno Valley - undisclosed location, 8:30p-2:30a