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Anybody’s Daughter – Pamela Samuels Young

[one_third]Anybody's Daughter - LA Area Featured Authors
[/one_third] A fast-paced thriller that goes deep inside the world of child sex trafficking. It could happen to anybody’s daughter-even yours.

“One of the best thrillers I have read in a long time.” -Digna Dreibelbis, Autumn Blues Reviews

“I was in tears for most of the book and in shock for the rest! … This is a 5-star read and every parent needs to pick it up!” -Ella Curry, Black Pearls Magazine and BAN Radio Show

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Secret to a Sigh: A Poetic Memoir – Carnetta Jones

[one_third]Secret to a Sigh: A Poetic Memoir - LA Area Featured Authors
[/one_third] My poetry is racy and rude, gentle and funny, and spiritual and inspirational! “SoulMagines” is a word I phrased to express the origins of my poetry. I blend the words soul, meaning my base feelings, and raw thoughts unleashed and unfiltered and imagination, meaning embellishment on personal perceptions.

“Secret to a Sigh” is a collection of provocative words, thoughts, opinions and poems strung together as an authentic string of pearls. Each poem is a representation of individual and unique pearls. According to poet John Dryden, “he who searches for pearls must dive below”.

I challenge my readers to “dive below” to discover distinct pearls in the sections of Artisan, Imagine, Themes of Love, Thoughts of a Female Employee, Statement, Female Sensibility and Butterflies R Free.

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