Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hanukah and Trick or Treat to all!


Now I bet you all wondering what “trick or treat” has to do with the Christmas Season.
Well keep reading and you’ll understand …

I’m about to show you how I used some major trickery to get an amazing group of women in shape for the holidays. I’m about to show you how a group of inspiring young women called “The Ms. Fits” did the right thing and got it started before he holidays seasons not after.

Over a year ago, I told a group of women that I could get them to lose inches and soon fit comfortably in the tight fitting wardrobes. The first part of my deceptive scheme was the timing of the training.

I could have easily started this program in the New Year, but my curiosity about human behavior caused me to start in mid November. It was just before the first major eating holiday, Thanksgiving. Yes, I chose the hardest time of the year where every job, school or church has a holiday party and let’s not forget the day of.

We all know the temptation of that day; the fried turkey, candied yams, potato pies pot roast, cornbread, apple pie and cranberry sauce.

I’m compelled to continue…

Okra and corn, collard greens with the fat back in it, fried chicken, gravy, stuffing, cake, red punch, red soda and lots of alcohol and to top it off just so you can have at least something good to tell your trainer; you finished with a salad.

I instructed these women to forgo all of that and choose a healthy lifestyle and a healthy fitness program called Fit in Your Clothes Boot Camp and they did just that. Some were frustrated but all were game. Some struggled in the beginning but they pulled it together. Some fell of the plan but got right back on it.

While being starved from the treats, these women were exposed to some of the most insane workout styles to date. The grunts, the groans and the thoughts of quitting were all present during the training but they did not stop. There was negative talk in the beginning, but it changed to positive as their bodies got stronger

From Thanksgiving through Christmas, most enjoyed themselves but they made better food choices than last year. They were promised only six sessions within the month and a promise from me that they would at least fit in their most tight fitting wardrobes. I am proud to say they got more than what they asked for.

The trick is this. Most people have in their mine to eat whatever they want at this time of year because of the following factors or excuses:

  • Everyone else is doing it
  • It’s the holiday season
  • Your body needs to eat unhealthy for a little while
  • Grandma will be sad if we don’t eat this food
  • I’ll just start eating right in January

What if you changed the game and shattered all holiday myths and changed your behavior in the middle of the season’s temptations. What happens is you come out of it stronger. After new years there are no major holidays, barriers, challenges or obstacles to face. So where do you establish your point of growth? No one can improve and sustain improvement without a little trial or challenge. When you master a challenging time what you establish from it is discipline, education, wisdom and strength, which makes it tough to fall off again. If you do fall off you’ll have established a blue print to get back at it.

Yes, I have deceived you, but I did for your own good. I did it for the sake of wellness. Out of this shady holiday scheme came, inches lost, weight lost, knowledge gained and the dastardliest part, the desire to do it again.

There is no new year’s resolution for the Ms. Fits because they are living it now. The truth is you can enjoy food but you have to balance your physical life so you can enjoy good food from time to time. I want you to eat your pray, but you have to kill it first. In other words, you have to work hard to eat what you desire.

As for my Ms. Fits and me, we are going all out when it comes to enjoying the holidays because we worked hard for it. We’ve killed ourselves for our meal now we are going to feast. The difference between us and the “resolutionist” is we know exactly how we are going to work it off the day after.

Now if you are still determined to pig out on the holidays here are some tips to save yourself from a tone of calories:

Step 1: Before you eat, take the family for a walk around the block a couple of times. It burns calories and the walking motion warm up the digestive tract.

Step 2: Before you eat the main course drink one full glass of water. The water will cause you to eat less.

Step 3: Eat your veggies and soft foods first to promote digestion. Go for the green foods first before the main meat dish. You probably won’t need as much meat as you begin to fill up.

Step 4: One more glass of water to help flush the food out of your system. It will also promote smaller dessert portion size.

Step 5: Take another walk or play active family games that keep you and your digestive track moving while burning calories.

Trick or treat! Or should I say, trick your treats this Christmas. You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one. So let’s train!

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