Idris Elba in New Trailer for Robot Flick ‘Pacific Rim’ (Watch)


*Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros have released the first trailer for their giant-robot film “Pacific Rim,” which opens July 12.

The film, also staring Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day, is set in two separate worlds. The first is a future version of Earth where, in November 2012, a giant monster emerged from the Pacific Ocean and attacked Osaka, Japan. The other world is The Anteverse, where the monster came from.

A portal to this world is located five miles under the water…and the portal continues to spit out all different kinds of beasts that attack coastal cities. In order to fight off and destroy these monsters, the military forms what is called the “Jaeger” program, where pilots are trained to operate giant mechanical suits made of “armor and high-tech weaponry.”

At the center of the story is a character named Raleigh Antrobus (Hunnam), one of the aforementioned pilots and is sent to Tokyo for his mission.

Elba plays Lieutenant-Commander Stacker Pentecost, Antrobus’ commanding officer. Elba’s role was originally created for Tom Cruise.

Watch the trailer below.

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