Jewel Diamond Taylor


Taylor’s high-impact keynotes and workshops are empowering, effective, electric, engaging,  informative and memorable.   Taylor, the Self-esteem Dr., is a  trailblazer,  connector, author, dynamic communicator and a  life coach This “emotional intelligence” trainer is an  awakening force.  Her presentations provide insights to understand, observe and transcend limiting behavior patterns.   Jewel aka “The Success Navigator”  is known for her ability to  point men and women in the right direction on their road for  success. Jewel  inspires, energizes and educates them to change in productive ways.

Mission  Statement: To be a positive resource for individuals  and organizations to discover and develop their potential and  possibilities by transforming limited thinking and unproductive  practices into confidence and action.  The outcome of Taylor’s  body of work is to inspire and teach others how to experience more  progress, peace and purposeful living by moving out of passivity,  paralysis and procrastination.

. Diamonds  in the Rough: Creating stability, sobriety, serenity,  faith and emotional fitness

. Pearls  of Wisdom: Developing Personal Excellence, Progress, Peace,  Priorities and Faith

. Precious  Jewels of Knowledge: Faith, Relationships and Self-esteem

. GEMS: Growth Encouragement Motivation Success – Inspiration to adapt,  survive and succeed in the midst of changing times

. Polish  Your Talents, Gifts and Anointing – Developing your  signature strengths, dreams and life purpose




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