South African Treasure Hunt Live Broadcast

The KJLH South African Treasure Hunt was a exciting event that had listeners traveling near and far for items of cultural relevance to the nation of South Africa. On Friday, hundreds gathered at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza to see who would be the lucky one to travel on the KJLH South African Jazz Tour.  The anticipation was high as Stevie Wonder reached into a raffle drum to chose one of many finalists …

As Delisa celebrated her good fortune, we asked her who was traveling with her … She chose a fellow contestant! A lady whom she just met … to travel with her to the Rainbow Nation!

And then, just when we thought it was over, Stevie Wonder decided to award another trip! He chose Erma J. Richard … AND her two daughters!! It was a truly special moment! So Congratulations to Delisa Parker and Erma J. Richard,  you’re going with us to South Africa!

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