Mandela’s Attempted Assassin Mike du Toit Gets 35 Years in Prison


Mike du Toit, the ringleader of the group that tried to kill Nelson Mandela in 2002, gets sentenced to35 years in prison.

*It may have taken eleven years, but the vermin who tried to kill former South African president Nelson Mandela has finally been sentenced to 35-years in jail.

Mike du Toit was the head honcho of Boeremag; a white supremacist militia group at the heart of a botched plot to kill Mandela and drive blacks out of the country in 2002. The judge at the High Court in Pretoria sentenced the other 20 militia members to anywhere from 10 to 30 years in prison, depending on their degree of involvement in the plot National Prosecution Authority spokesman Medupe Simasiku told AFP.

All of the accused were sentenced for treason, but only 5 for attempted murder of the iconic leader.

According to judge Eben Jordaan, Mandela would have been killed by a landmine planted by Boeremag; which would have caused chaos and bloodshed in the country had he traveled by road instead of helicopter to open a rural school in northern Limpopo province in 2002.

“They almost succeeded. It was extremely close,” head investigator Tollie Vreugdenburg told AFP.

The militia group took their name from the Afrikaans term, “Boer Force,” a reference to the descendants of the first Dutch colonizers. One woman died and dozens were injured in the blast that shook the Johannesburg township of Soweto in October 2002.

According to a SAPPA news agency, more bombings had been planned. Five large car bombs were set to detonate in downtown Pretoria and Johannesburg before the group was captured.

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