Milton Joseph my father and You Can’t Visualize a World without You If You Keep Doing What You are Doing



Family it is truly time to hold yourself accountable for your health concerns related to obesity.  Recently, I took my father in after suffering from numerous heart attacks.  I am honored to care for him in his last days but as a trainer, I cannot help to think that this could have been avoided.


I refuse to bash my father because he lived a full life and has accomplished everything, including being a great father.  I am losing my greatest mentor and it has caused me to retool my message to you.  I have never cared about being the most liked trainer and take truth over likability any day.  In writing this, to help someone going down the path to death due to diet and a lack of exercise.  There is hope at the end of this article, just keep reading…


We all ask ourselves at some point what this planet would look like without out our individual input.   The question we don’t ask is how long we can stay on the planet to have desired effect on our family, friends and world footprint.


Did you know that everyday when you are sick with a preventable disease like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis you are losing a sense of credibility to yourself and your loved one who are watching you slowly kill yourself.  Yes you are selfishly taking yourself out of life and away from the ability to deposit wisdom to your loved ones.


Please take a moment to visualize your spouse soon living alone or moving on in life with someone else because you are not there.  Visualize your kids receiving wisdom and guidance from everyone but you because you are not here.  Guys, the thought of some other dude raising my children and hugging my wife, because I died of something I could have prevented scares me right to the gym.  Did you think about the fact that at the rate you are going you may not see your child graduate or hold your first grandchild?


What about that great business idea you had that you cannot initiate because you died from high blood pressure or because you were overweight.  Even worse someone else found your idea and gets the credit for your works.


This article is specifically directed to the African American community.  From what I’ve seen in my 20 plus years in the fitness industry is that fitness, for a lot of us, is not an important factor.  It seems that a high number of us don’t live life looking into the future.  In another extremes, we see the future, but because of our health we can’t affect our future because we do everything else but master the fitness aspect.


I’m proud and sick at the same time of seeing our Latino, White and Asian brothers and sisters filling our gyms with a futuristic sense of urgency.  I’m saddened that the gym is not filled with us putting our work in to the same goal.


When I travel a speak at African American expos and events I am glad that the venues are filled with people who want to received information that will help them.  But since my father has taken ill, I now scour the audience to look at the make up of the crowd.   I get sad when I see the amount of obese people in the crowds. Yes they nod, agree and applaud but when you see them in the next event there is no change.  What is really hard to swallow is the information that myself and trainers like me provide are not a hard concepts to grab and those are simply making better food choices and being active daily.


Now I see a crowd of people who do not see his or her own future.  They are not seeing the world without their input.  A large number of us wonder the earth without a healthy fear of extinction from the human race. 


Here are some cold facts with no sugar added:


·      If you are overweight you will die sooner than naturally planned

·      If you continue to make the bulk of soul food or “flavored slave food” a consistent part of your eating regiment you will die sooner than naturally planned

·      If you smoke (anything) or overdrink you will die sooner than naturally planned

·      If you stay inactive for long periods of time you will die sooner than naturally planned

·      If you continue on the above paths when you are gone younger generation will follow your lead and they will die sooner than planned


It gets really mundane when people approach me and ask me what they should eat.  Before I answer, I now make them tell me first what they should not eat.  It is a quicker way to come up with a responsible answer.  That way if I see them again and their condition has not change or I hear they have passed on I can sleep knowing we came up with the solution together and the chance to thrive was in their hands.


When I brought my dad home I immediately took over his nutrition.  He eats oatmeal daily.  He has a healthy lunch and dinner.  He has water with every meal along with taking his medications.  In seven days his blood pressure is normal, is digestive system went from being impacted to regularly moving.  Since the heart attack over a month ago he had not been able to walk.  He is now walking to the bathroom with little assistance.  I know he was not happy with me in the beginning, regimenting his meals, but now he sees and feels the importance.  His diagnosis will not go away but he can live a little more comfortably around his family until we celebrate his transition.  


I know now have a few more months to be mentored by this beautiful man.  I am now more resolved to look into the future and continue to take healthy steps to naturally sustain my life as long a God blesses me.  My healthy fear for legacy and longevity is stronger than ever.  I just want you all, my African American family to see what I see.  You can get mad at me for this, but you can also be truthful to yourself if this applies to you.


You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one.  So lets train!


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