Pharrell, Carrell, Milian & Violet Get Happy for ‘Despicable Me 2′ (Watch)


*Steve Carrell is back as Gru,  the Despicable, but loveable villain turned hero.

EURweb associate Cherise Nicole was on the yellow carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood for the premiere of “Despicable Me 2!”

We caught up with the star of the movie Steve Carrell, as well as Pharrell Williams who composed the soundtrack.

Christina Milan stopped by with her adorable daughter with The Dream and little Violet was excited to see the minions!

“Despicable Me2″ is in theaters starting today,  Wednesday, July 3rd and in addition to saving the world (with grape jelly), Gru may be looking for love!!

If you could have any black actress play opposite you, who would it be?

“Thandie Newton, sure.  Yeah, I think so, why not?!”

Who would be the ultimate black villain in Despicable Me 3?

“I would love Craig Robinson as a villain.  Craig would kill it! So, we should talk to those guys because Craig would be the greatest villain of all time, so Craig, think about it?!”

Watch the Interview Below:

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