Quitting is Your Fault not Mine!


Thank God for KJLH for their part in putting me on the map.  I am humbled by the clients that come in ready to change their lives based on a commercial or graceful shout outs by the best DJ’s on the planet.  If you don’t know by now, my pitches pull no punches.  I tell potential clients that my training is fun but extremely challenging and I will never change.  I’m proud of the fact that when people come to me they advise that the person that referred them forewarned that I am not to be played with.  So it is no surprise to me that I’ve had an incredible streak in the last two years of clients that readied themselves to dive in and completely commit to the journey.   There was one exception recently just keep reading….

A month ago, I ran into a new client that claimed she had done her research on me and was ready to commit.  She checked with friends, she checked with former client sand she even “Googled” me.   When I met her she showed me a picture of her at an extreme morbidly obese stage.  I commended her on her weight-loss and asked how she did it.  She told me she had the lap-band and the tummy tuck done to her a year ago.  She then showed me a picture of her post surgery and told me she wanted to get back to that size.

I am bound to be an honest trainer; I told her that due to the dietary restrictions of the lap-band it would take an extreme amount of dedication and consistency to achieve results.  She acknowledged and initially committed herself to the training.   The first two weeks went well but then the cancellations and missed session soon followed.  She had not started any home assignments given to her and had not changed her meal plan; yet managed to get minimal improvement from the training.  In her mind it was not enough and she saw no benefits.

You know, the great thing about being 40 is you are quicker to shoot from the hip than in younger years.   Before the B.S. gets worse you learn to nip toxic logic in the bud.   I simply told her that she was not serious and still desired the quick fixes to get results.  I left her with nothing left to say but to acknowledge where the fault was.  She claimed to have appreciated my honesty and would start fresh the following week.

Well the following week came and at the crack of dawn I’m waiting for this newly determined client to step in but she was a no show.  I received a text from her later that day.  She stated that she was going to seek a different route because she sees no results.   I’m trying to figure out where else or what she is going to try next.   I required her to put in work but she does not want to do that.   So I wonder if she is going to tighten up the lap-band or put some fresh scars on her body with more nips and tucks.  My response to her text was simply this, “You quit on yourself.”

Family, quitting is a form of failure.  It is the stupidest form of failure because in reality people around you who see you have a short compassion fuse.   The cold reality is when you quit the only thing you do is open the door for someone else.  Have you ever had a job interview for a promotion that you turned down because you assumed you would not get the job?  Later, you see who got the promotion and kick yourself because you knew you were more talented.  Have you ever had a crush on someone but never had the courage to speak to the person?  Later you are upset because your best friend is getting married to her.  Listen, people don’t feel sorry for you when you quit.  What they do is step over you and keep moving.

My morning slot is now filled with senior client with a plethora of real physical challenges.  I can tell he hates going through my workouts but he loves the benefits.  He tells me, in jest, that he refuses to let me break him.   I have another client who came in with a walker and is now running.   With those examples I’ve grown to have a low tolerance for excuses and quitters.  Be assured that I do not run from my faults.  I work on them.  If you run from failure and quit you deserve the unnecessary obstacles that you brought forth into your life.  You have to push through challenges the right way and give yourself time to find out what’s on the other side.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one so let’s train!


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