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Here I am at 40. I eat right and stay lean for my frame and for my overall health. Click to watch what this body can do!

Here I am at 40. I eat right and stay lean for my frame and for my overall health. Click to watch how CJ got this body.

For years as a trainer, I struggled with the ordeal of African American women and their willingness to sacrifice their health for the Glory.

I’m talking about their hair.

Yes, straightened, processed, platted, whipped, died or wigged appeared to be more important than lower heart rate, lower body fat, and muscle gains.  I felt there was no hope until years ago my wife came home with one of the sexiest styles I’ve ever seen…  Individual braids.

What I loved about it, not that women ever cared what a man thinks anyway, was that the style did not look immature or classless.  I loved that it was completely afro-centric and sensual.  Nothing like the extreme bee hives and the “dookey” braids from back in the day.  I asked her why she did it and she told me that it holds up longer and she can be more physical at the gym with it.

I looked at her and viewed her as a beautiful cocoon preparing to unleash her maximal beauty at some point in time as a super sexy butterfly.  It was super sexy, conservative and commanding at the same time.  Most important, she truly put more into the body and her work paid off.

When the time came for her to break out of the cocoon, what came out was the most beautiful butterfly I’ve ever seen.  I wasn’t just the hairstyle it was the complete package.  The legs, the thighs, the gluteus maximus and the upper torso added to her overall beauty.

On a side note, I also love the scent of freshly done black hair.  I’ll admit it is a fetish to me.

All banter aside, I want to let you ladies know that I get it.  I understand the pressure of competing with society, but the energy it takes to compete when it comes to hair is taking away from things that are much more important, like you health.

I don't know anyone who rocks braids like my wife Mrs. CJ.

I don’t know anyone who rocks braids like my wife Mrs. CJ.

I watched a movie a few years back about black hair and I saw a 300 plus woman who spent thousands to fly to another state and get her hair done by some high profile hairstylist.  I should have laughed but I couldn’t; I was disgusted.  If she really valued her beauty, some of that money could have gone to taking care of her body.

I am not here to fight over hair.  It is yours do what you want plus, I love most of the current styles.  I just want to do something different.  I’m asking my clients, my readers, listeners, clients and friends to jump into a “cocoon” for the next three month.

I’m asking that during that time you find the most durable but sexy style that will hold up in the gym, then I want you to make some time to workout at least three days a week.

I don’t care where you go to get fit.   If it’s me Ill take you in a minute.  If not, I have some great resources.  Just find something you like and commit to it.  Then when summer hits, I want you to unveil yourself in all your glory, whatever style you choose, so we all can celebrate.  All I need are a few things from you.  Now you don’t have to be African American to get in on this.

My slogan is, “You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one. So let’s train!”  There is a reason for that.  Whenever I trained for fights I did not care how I looked.  I was my scruffiest during my three months of training, but on fight night I cleaned it up so the world can see my work and my opponents could see what they were up against.

I want the world to see you at you total best, but we have to train for at least three months.  Who’s with me!  I’m asking for only three months of your life.  I’m also asking for someone to at least rock a fro at the end of it.  I miss that.   I’d rock mine but nature took care of that.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one.  So let train!

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