The Black Hat: Hey Sisters, Feel Free to Pursue White Men; They Don’t Want You Anyway


Quit dreaming!

*Tisk, tisk tisk. Sisters, poking a lion isn’t the wisest move to make, but you persist. Why? Loosen your extensions and think for a moment: What good could possibly come from aggravating a full-grown beast equipped with gnashing teeth and a killer bite? But again, you persist.

Indeed, you’ve pushed me entirely too far; my patience for your Kentucky-fried ignorance has officially worn crackhead thin. Now, it’s time for all you witches to pay the piper. Apparently, the lot of you aren’t pleased with my piece on interracial dating, “Hey Sisters, Are White Women Stealing From Your Playbook.”

Let me, first, address the scathing, “ratchet” comments many of you thought tasteful to leave. (Ahem) “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but white men will never, ever, have you.” Asians wont either, nor will Hispanics, Native Americans, Middle-Easterners, or any self-respecting adult male who comes to know you. That’s right sisters, aside from cultural restraint, your rancid demeanor is critical in why they’ll never bring you home to mama or acquaint you with close friends and co-workers; and don’t even dream about walking down the aisle. That crusty, dusty, rusty little finger of yours aint worth it (to them).

In a perfect world, you would be worth marrying; the kind of woman who, despite race, is worthy of a pedal-stool right next to, or even higher than, Amber’s and Jessica’s. But to the men you seek, you’re nothing more than a social experiment, a walk on the wild side, a phat ass, full-lips and a willing mouth, a way to piss off mommy and daddy back home in Iowa. Being with you “sets them apart” from the other trailer-trash “rednecks” who feed into stereotypes drummed up by the media. European men who date sisters think themselves sophisticated, progressive, inclusive, color-blind, free-loving. But don’t be fooled by that jazz, it’s a mirage. Commitment-material, in their eyes, you aren’t. Hell, my co-worker, a white male, seemingly moral, once told me that black women, and “their dark spots,” look dirty. He obviously doesn’t speak for all non-black men. But in 2013, these remarks raise questions.

“I’ll definitely sleep with one [a black woman],” he continued, uncaring that such talk could spark a riot. “I don’t mind getting behind a nice piece of ass, but I would probably think twice before bringing her home. That’s still not cool where I’m from.”

In fact, sisters, it appears that many of you aren’t reaching the alter at all (color of the groom notwithstanding). According to recent marriage statistics, more than 70 percent of African American women are unmarried (meaning either having never been married, divorced, separated or widowed), compared to 45 percent of unmarried white women.

Only about 9 percent of black women are married to men of a different race — compare that to 41 percent of Hispanic women, 48 percent of Asian women and 58 percent of Native American women in the United States. However, only 8 percent of white women marry outside their race.

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