The Ultimate Negotiation-CJ and the Wonder DJ

CJ and Miss Adai Lamar Click here to watch her Journey

CJ and Miss Adai Lamar click here to watch her journey.

One day, I’m working in my studio office when I get a call from one of my business associates from the number one R&B Station in Southern California Radio Free 102.3 KJLH.  She told me that one of the DJ’s would be calling for training.  When I was told who it was I was flattered that she even considered me but the reality is, with human nature, it takes some time to get your mind wrapped around calling a trainer, especially one like me.

Within a week, the phone rings and sure enough it was Miss Adai Lamar.  To my surprise, the conversation was quick and decisive.  Usually it takes a minute to figure what people want but not her.  She needed to lose weight and I just hoped that I was the right trainer to address her needs.

During our initial assessment, I was blown away by the high percentage of body fat.  I was also surprised by the lack of muscle.  Just looking alone you would think she was only slightly out of shape, but the statistics were alarming.  She was what we call in my profession “skinny fat”.

Our first workout was interesting.  It seemed that every exercise I asked her to do was a meeting of the minds.  I’d say run at level 5 she’d say level 3 and somehow we’d get to 4.  I’d say 1 minute she’d say 30 seconds and somehow we’d settle on 45 seconds.  Usually I’d be frustrated, but watching her work I could see that she was a “processor”.   She has to process and analyze every segment of every moment before moving forward to the next phase.  In my mind, I told myself I’d make a game out of what I was discovering about her mindset.

Thank God I experienced similar clients before.  Pretty soon the negotiations on running speed, between level 5 and 3, turned into 7 and 5.  Soon, a negotiation on planks for a time of 30 seconds turned into a minute.  Soon, “I’m not doing that turned into” I can believe I did that!”  Soon, a one mile jog turned into three.   Eventually a near 40 percent body fat turned into under 20 and counting.

Looking back, this processor/analyst has turned into one of my top clients.  She is always early, and I don’t recall her missing sessions and no matter how we negotiate, she gives 110 percent and what that adds up to is results!  She took it upon herself to gradually let go off her inhibitions and defenses and trust an external source of motivation, her trainer.  I am blessed to be apart of her continued life fitness journey.

Adai continues to preach the message of a healthy lifestyle to the masses.

Adai continues to preach the message of a healthy lifestyle to the masses.

Sometimes it takes a meeting of more than one mind to achieve results.   When you invest in a trainer to get you in shape, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let go and allow them to do the job you invested your money in.  If you do this most of the time you will see benefits.  Also because you invested your money it won’t be that difficult to find another trainer if when result are not seen.  To keep the latter from happening, make sure your trainer is certified, insured and has good references.  In other words, do your research then let go and let your trainer work for you!

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one. So let’s train!

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