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The Journey of Truth – February 15-16

The Journey of Truth

Tammi Mac’s Bag Lady – May 3 – 11, 2014

Tammi Mac's Bag Lady

Tammi Mac’s Bag Lady

Bag Lady is based on Tammi Mac’s personal true story, combined with the stories of her very best friends. The stories are told through the eyes of one woman – Tammi Mac. It is a journey that explores why we repeatedly make bad choices, when we take responsibility for those choices, and how we forgive those we blame for the results of those choices.

Bag Lady focuses on the bags we drag from relationship to relationship, which ultimately leave us bitter, angry, vengeful, and hopeless. The bags also keep us from the very relationship we seek. Tammi Mac has created Bag Lady in honor of every woman who has held on to the past, held on to the hurt, and held on to her heart for fear of its being broken.

She promises you, letting go is the best gift you could ever give yourself.
Drop the BAGS!
Tammi Mac ~