There Are Scandals and Then There are Scandals While Media Debates Over Talking Points Within Talking Points, 11.7 Million Americas Are Unemployed While Gun Control, Education, and a Functional Budget Take a Back Seat …


dominique DiPrima
I am outraged over these egregious government scandals! As a patriotic citizen of the United States (as Reese Witherspoon would say!) I demand answers, and immediate action to remedy these shameful episodes that are undermining our very democracy!

You may assume I am talking about Benghazi, where Republicans are taking a stand about the validity of talking points. Going balls-to-the-wall to make sure that the official story was, well, official. And while I am still waiting for them to call for the capture and prosecution of the perpetrators of the attack on the U.S. Embassy and the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans I’m sure they’ll get around to it, once they deal with the burning issue of what the press release said and when it said it. No, Benghazi is not under my craw.

You may think that I’m angry about the IRS harassing law abiding Americans, forcing them to deal with long delays and using the agency in a vengeful and punitive manner (actor Wesley Snipes notwithstanding.) To me that’s kind of like, getting mad at the wind for blowing. It may mess up your hair. But that’s just what wind does.

You might even point to the heavy-handed tactics used by the Justice Department in bypassing the courts and going directly to the phone company to get their hands on the calling records of The Associated Press. And while this does deeply concern me, and of the present “scandals” probably warrants the most scrutiny by the administration of President Obama, it is not among my top five scandals facing America right now.

The scandals that have me fired up are more life and death matters, and if you give it any thought beyond the ever-present talking points, you’ll notice that they really are the things that, left unchecked, will threaten the American way. They are the real scandals of 2013!

UNEMPLOYMENT SCANDAL – While the overall unemployment rate fell to 7.5 percent in April according to the Labor Department, the jobless rate among African Americans is still at 13.2 percent. And the rates are much higher for African American men and youth. Latinos have also been hit disproportionately by the job crunch. With millions of Americans out of work, and millions more underemployed, the real scandal is the inaction on this issue by Congress! Partisan bickering has stopped The President’s Jobs Bill and other similar measures in their tracks. The new jobs that are emerging are mostly low wage work that will not sustain a family. The real scandal is that lawmakers are playing politics and arguing over talking points while American workers and their families are starving!

THE BUDGET SCANDAL – Hello!? The sequester is on! We are already facing cuts in services that will continue to mount as time goes by. How in the world does our Congress have time to obsess over Benghazi and hold hearings on whether the IRS are jerks, when we do not have a …read more  


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