Tom Hanks ‘Petrified’ by ‘Scary’ Somali Pirate Actors in Biopic


*The April 2009 hijacking of container ship MV Maersk Alabama by four Somali pirates has been made into a film starring Tom Hanks as the vessel’s kidnapped captain Richard Phillips.

Due this fall, “Captain Phillips” will detail how the Massachusetts native and his crew of 20 became the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years, and how Phillips ended up on a lifeboat with three of the gunmen when he was rescued by US Navy Seals – who shot all three pirates dead during a standoff.

“It’s a very particular skill set that Richard Phillips has,” notes Hanks. “It’s a world unknown to all of us because we just assume that containers full of goods easily make it from one place to another as part of regular commerce. But the juggling act that a guy like Captain Phillips has to do in the course of getting from Abu Dhabi to Djibouti, down to Mombasa is actually a very impressive amount of work.”

Below, Hanks says director Paul Greengrass took steps to ensure that his actors truly experienced every emotion that ran through Phillips and his crew as they watched the Somali pirates close in on the ship.

Columbia Pictures will release “Captain Phillips” on Oct. 11, 2013. View pics from the set below.

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