Trans fats backlash pushes U.S. butter consumption to a 40-year-high


For generations, butter got a bad rap.

It was thought to be cloying, fattening, dangerous for your arteries, and it took a creaming from oil-based substitutes like margarine.

Now with the trans fats in those alternatives under fire, everyone from iron chefs to home cooks is reexamining butter’s place on the refrigerator shelf.

The yellow spread served at Joan Hemphill’s Seal Beach home tastes like butter — because it is butter.

“I use way too much,” Hemphill concedes. Her specialty is butter-drenched caramelized baby onions. “I just think anything from nature is better than something that’s been concocted.”

That shift toward natural ingredients and the backlash against trans fats pushed butter consumption in the U.S. to a 40-year high in 2012, according to the latest statistics.

Source: LA Times

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