When it Comes to a Hernia Check Your Ego at the Door


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This article is for everyone to be encouraged by, but I specifically need my men to pay special attention. It seems that when it comes to pain women are better at finding out what the problem is from their doctor than men. We as men seem to wait until the wheels are about to fall off before we do something about it and sometimes it ma be too late. I’ll use my own personal journey for this article.

For years, I had been dealing with pain around my groin area above my on my right side. I was proactive in trying to find out what it was but in the early stages the doctors, at the time, would barely look at me it was always like they were in a rush or had something better to do. One advised that it could be a slight pull. Another physician advised that my pain was in my head and recommended anxiety pills.

I eventually gave up and for years dealt with the mild pain. I settled with the analysis of a pulled groin that just won’t go away. As the years passed the pain progressively got worse. The pain above my groin slowly became a lump that would appear and disappear depending on activity. Enough was enough.

I began doing research, I used the Internet and other sources to pin point the problem. I wanted ammunition via research so I would not get turned away for my next visit to the doctor. The confirmation came when I spoke to a couple of clients who happened to be doctors. I never bother my professionals that I train, but this was an extreme case. Both concluded that I could have a hernia. My personal research also pointed in the same direction.

I got a new doctor and met with him. He immediately sent me to a specialist and before you know it, the head surgeon offered an immediate date due to cancellation of another patient. During the surgery the doctor discovered more damage than initially thought. In the end I got to him just in time.

Think about it? What if I had waited another month or another year? Now I was active in trying to find out and it took five years to get a simple procedure done. How many of my male community don’ t do anything. Here are some signs that you may have a hernia (There are many forms):

· Pain above the groin
· Pain or swelling in testicle
· A lump that protrudes above the groin when straining that can be pushed back in initially
· Dull pain in the hip girdle, lower back or leg
· Pain in the area when sitting or standing for long periods of time

Here are some common ways we an get Hernia:

· Heavy lifting with improper form or breathing technique
· Sports activities that require exerted effort
· Straining during restroom visit
· Physical labor do to work

My message to my readers is to be proactive when it comes to your health. Do your research and ask those tough questions to your doctor. Be courteous but be demanding in getting to the source of the pain. Don’t be afraid to ask for sonograms. Have the doctor examine you physically. Once treated, follow the doctor’s orders!

I am recovering rapidly as we speak and I am so glad I took care of this problem. You have no idea how much stress we put on our bodies when we hold on to pain. While recovering, one of my clients gave me a message that I will share with you, “You only have one body in life and only one time with it. Take care of it!” I love my clients.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one so let’s train!

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