When Kindness Just Does Not Work!

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For more on CJ CLick Here!

You know, sometime you have to let some be very direct to your circles, when it comes to watching your nutrition.

One of my toughest clients walks into my gym early in the morning affectionately known as “Da Boss Lady”.  She is not the toughest to train, but just plain tough in nature.  She’s the type of person that says exactly what’s on her mind with no Vaseline.  When she gets on the treadmill to begin her warm up, I jokingly begin to grill her on her eating for the prior week.

At that stage of training she was doing well.  She’s even started a strict eating routing for the three weeks and told the people in her work environment. The only issue she was had was with people at work trying to give her office treats.  In my opinion, she did a great thing.  She willed herself a, “so called,” support group by letting the people in her life know about her desire to change her state of being, but with human nature it takes a while for people to take you seriously.

Yes, it is true!  There are some that don’t want you to succeed and casually try sabotage your plan to better yourself, but some people are natural saboteurs that come in the name of love.  I’m talking about the people that appear to be on your side.  When have you heard something similar to the following:

“You go girl! Oh have you tried this “crapaccinio”,

“I’m so proud of you, Hey! you still coming to Wack Arnolds with us?  They have salads there!”.

“You are my shero!  By the way my mom made this chocolate cake just for you!  I told her it was your favorite.’

“Boss Lady 2013!” As they chomp down that chocolate éclair right in front of you.

These people seem to reveal themselves every time you hit a new milestone.  In most cases, when you are trying to combat the external forces that lead to failure in overall fitness, politeness works.  Sometimes, silent nonverbal clues work when turning down the saboteur’s offer of blueberry muffins.  Examples would be, the shake of the head with hand up, and a downward turn of the lips.  How about the verbal; the use of humor as get your message across and you refuse the bosses order of office donuts from your boss.  At some point and time we all need to take a page from “Da Boss Lady.”  She was already well into her cleanse with the grumpy attitude it brings.

One particular day at work, she was repeatedly offered the sugary treats of the day.  She went through the verbal and nonverbal steps in refusing the offers from her coworkers that she already expressed to about her program.  When all else failed Da Boss Lady went off!  As the plate of unwholesome goodies, brought by an unfortunate workmate, approaches her for the last time; she yells, “Get That *#@!’ plate away from my face before I knock it out of your *#@! hand!”

I think if the message was not clear before it is perfectly clear now.  It is human nature for people to help.  It is also human nature to hurt, but do we ever assume that it humans can harm each other in the midst of helping or through being kind in offering.  Generally, it is easy to combat a clear enemy trying to snuff your path to wellness, but what is in your war chest to do battle with people who like you and don’t know that they are harming your progress.  It’s time that we have a little boss lady inside of us to use when needed.

Fitness Syndicate Vs. Obesity training hard and eating right.

Fitness Syndicate Vs. Obesity training hard and eating right.

You don’t have to be a fighter to feel like one.  So let’s train!!

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