White House Opens Eventful Easter Egg Hunt with Kid President and Crying 5-Year-Old (Video)


*This year’s Easter Egg Hunt at the White House started out a little “shaky,”, but shaped up in time for the kids and the first family to have a great time…even though one little guy was a little sad.

After President Obama acknowledged the presence of the Easter Bunny and Kid President with a round of applause, he introduced the “star of the Obama family” Michelle Obama, who thanked Mr. Robbie Novack for joining them in officiating the Easter Egg Hunt and helping out around the White House. You may know him better as Kid President.

“Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Kid President, Robbie Novack. Isn’t he wonderful?!” the First Lady gushed. “Robbie we’re so proud to have you here. You have been so inspiring….you make us all wanna work hard and be better. That’s right?! You’re going to spend a little time in the oval office just fixin’ things up for this President, aren’t you? It’s good to have you here.”


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