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Cancer Patients’ Bill of Rights

The Cancer Patients Bill of Rights outlines six key principles, proclaiming that cancer patients have a right to:

  • Understand fully their diagnosis and be informed about treatment options in culturally appropriate and understandable languages
  • Transparent and timely processes that ensure access to contracting oncology specialists, diagnostic testing and accurate interpretations of those tests
  • Contracting cancer subspecialists who have expertise in the treatment of their subtypes of cancer when complex decisions are needed
  • Medical treatments for pain management and other services that support their overall health
  • Contracting National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers and leading academic medical centers for the management of complex cancers that require multiple experts or high-risk or emerging therapies
  • Relevant clinical trials, medical research and cutting-edge innovation, including evidence-supported precision medicine

Clinical Trial info:

  • For more information on the Talzenna trial at COH, call the Clinical Trials Line at 1-877-467-3411. If you are interested in registering for the trial or becoming a new patient at COH, contact COH New Patient Services at 1-800-826-4673.
  • For more information on clinical trials in general, listeners can visit

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Delete The Divide

L.A. County Hotspot Locator
Interactive map of locations throughout L.A. County that offer free public access to Wi-Fi.

California Emergency Broadband Benefit
Benefits to help pay for broadband internet costs.

Find low-cost internet and computers in your area.

L.A. County Library – Laptop and Hotspot Loans
Borrow a Chromebook and wireless hotspot to access the internet.

Delete The Divide
Free training, professional certificates, paid internships, events, and support services for youth, young adults and small businesses.

LA Optimized
Support services to help small businesses adapt to the digital marketplace.

Assistance with affordable internet access, computer equipment, training and tech support.

Grow with Google
Free training, tools, and resources to help grow your skills, career and business.

Amazon Black Business Accelerator
Dedicated to helping build sustainable equity and growth for Black entrepreneurs by enabling their success as sellers.