Friday , April 3 2020
The Los Angeles Mayor Allows Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages

The Los Angeles Mayor Allows Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages

Mayor also announced that hundred of motel and hotel rooms are being secured to allow homeless people to self-isolate.

A day after scolding them for crowding beaches, hiking spots and other public areas, Mayor Eric Garcetti gave Angelenos an opportunity take the edge off by announcing that restaurants and bars that serve food will now be allowed to deliver alcoholic beverages.

But the Monday, March 23, move was primarily aimed at protecting establishments that “depend so often on those sales that have dried up quite literally,” he said.

“This will not only be something nice for the people of L.A., but good for those businesses to keep them alive so that when this crisis is over, your favorite neighborhood watering hole or restaurant will still, we hope, be there,” Garcetti said.

The news came Monday during the Los Angeles mayor’s daily evening briefing, during which he also announced he is working with other government entities to secure hundreds of motel and hotel rooms where homeless people can stay isolated.

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