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MoR Essentials goal is to bring health awareness, and healthier options derived from natural plants and oils to local communities. We are a family owned operation. Our 90 year old founder began using herbs for medicine as a young child in the 1930’s. As an adult female serving as a Sargent in the U.S. Air Force overseas in the 1950’s she continued her use of herbs form the countries she was stationed in order to be in optimal health and fight off sickness and disease.

In America we have become accustomed to primarily western medicine(Pharmaceutical drugs). But through awareness we can give underserved populations additional options. People are too often under the inaccurate impression that if it’s not prescribed by a physician, it can’t be effective. However, in fact, most pharmaceutical drugs emulate the functions of plants – but with synthetic versions.

As a Curator of Moringa and other Ayurvedic products, MoR Essentials offers a
comprehensive line of nutritional supplements and beauty products. We realize that there are many African american owned hair, and cosmetic product lines but very few when it comes to internal healthcare. So we decided that we wanted to build a brand that works from the inside out. Providing consumers with products that solve health problems by focusing on preventative healthcare methods but also by providing key vitamins and nutrients that have been diminishing from our food supply. Our formulas: “Giving you something you can feel!”

Our in-house new product development and innovation team investigates, the chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology of traditionally used medicinal plants.Our products are then formulated to strengthen our immune systems and provide our bodies with key nutrients to improve the body’s cognitive, neurological functions and physical well being.

We work with specialized farmers in India, where Moringa, Turmeric,and other Ayurvedic herbs originate. Our products are tested and harvested to meet strict quality standards for growing and processing. Quality, Potency, Purity and Performance is our promise. This allows us to stand behind the quality of our herbs and oils, implement eco-friendly practices, take a community-oriented approach, and maintain USDA GMP, Kosher, Halal and Certified Organic certifications for our herbal supplements and our line of essential oils.

Mor Essentials has partnered with A nonprofit that works with terminally ill children and disadvantaged youth.

If you have any questions or help deciding what products would be best for you, please contact us.

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