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KJLH-FM/HD/Digital Music Policy

This policy governs the submission and consideration of music for airplay on the Station (“Station”). By submitting music to the Station, artists, labels, and representatives agree to the terms outlined herein.

Submission Process: a. No solicitation calls to the Station or management will be accepted regarding music submissions. b. All music submissions must be emailed to [email protected].

Eligibility Criteria: a. For higher rotation levels, a song must chart at #35 or higher on prestigious industry charts such as Billboard or Mediabase, demonstrating significant mainstream appeal. b. The song must align with the Station’s unique adult
targeted Variety Hits format and programming strategy. c. Fan metrics and engagement play a critical role in determining music additions. d. While the Station features new music in on-air segments like “Make It or Break It” and “Fresh Cut Fridays,” and others
added from time to time, placement in these segments alone does not guarantee a song will be added to regular playlist rotation. All songs, including those highlighted in new music segments, must meet the standard Submission Process and Eligibility Criteria
outlined herein.

General Provisions: a. The Station does not guarantee airplay for submitted material. The above policies apply to independently submitted music and submissions from major label partners. b. Only copyrighted music presented in a professional manner will
be considered. c. Due to the volume of submissions, the Station does not provide song review or evaluation services.

Metrics Monitoring: The Station utilizes a data-driven approach to curate its playlist. We employ sophisticated monitoring tools to gather and analyze weekly charts and streaming statistics across a variety of genres relevant to our audience. This includes,
but is not limited to, Adult R&B, Gospel, Rhythmic, and Smooth Jazz, on both digital streaming platforms (DSPs) and traditional broadcast format charts. This comprehensive data analysis allows us to identify songs that not only resonate with national trends
but also demonstrate strong appeal to the local market.

Additional Requirements: a. Submitted songs must showcase a well-defined marketing strategy. Songs that exhibit a compelling “building story” through over 1 million impressions on streaming and video platforms will receive enhanced consideration during
the selection process. b. Recording artists with a proven track record of success, including ticket sales and community engagement, within the local performance scene will be viewed favorably. This emphasis reflects the Station’s commitment to supporting artists
actively involved in the local community. c. Reinforcing the Station’s deep ties to the local community, heightened priority will be given to songs exhibiting robust chart performance and audience engagement within the local market, as evidenced by metrics
such as Shazam chart data.

Playlist Control: a. The Station utilizes specialized audience measurement tools to maintain a tightly controlled and limited song inventory. Our restricted number of slots requires a cautious selection process for adding songs. b. The Station reserves the right to freeze playlists periodically, resulting in no new music additions during designated “freeze” weeks. c. At its sole discretion, the Station may decrease a song’s exposure, drop songs, or assign songs to specific dayparts at any time, with or without explanation or notification.

Independent Artist and Song Development: Musical performers are strongly encouraged to seek consultation or marketing representation from reputable marketing promoters and/or major record labels to boost overall career and independent song momentum on
a national scale. For resources on artist career and song development, please visit

By submitting music to the Station, the submitting party acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this policy. The Station reserves the right to modify or update this policy at any time without prior notice.

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