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Monday-Friday [7pm-12am]

As an on air personality Kevin Nash has created an extraordinary presence on the radio scene and has generated a loyal following throughout California and abroad. With an authentic heart for music this class act has worked just about all genres of music to include Gospel, Light Rock, Jazz, Oldies and Urban Contemporary. To add to his credit, he is an accomplished voice over artist who paints the picture with words. He is the voice of B.E.T. from BET Awards to Celebration of Gospel, as well as AOL Radio, ABC Sports Halftime Show, Movie Trailers, and Radio Imaging. Kevin has worked with some of the best in the industry. Kevin was nominated R&R Personality of the Year, and won Radio Personality of the Year (Urban Radio Network), NAACP Men of Valor Award, Gospel Announcer of the Year Award, and A.M.E. Theology in The Neighborhood Award. Currently, he’s doing the most at Stevie Wonder’s KJLH 102.3 FM, The Kevin Nash Show M-F 8p-12a. Kevin is truly an urban musical pioneer by his own right. Despite his love for music, his focus has been on a different mediums. Having 30 years of industry experience in broadcasting, Kevin’s radio career has definitely been the cornerstone to his success, but music has always been a sideline. Musical skills are no secret to Kevin. He is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and producer. In addition to his vocal skills, he also plays the piano, and toys around with a variety of different instruments. Kevin has recorded 3 solo albums, and guest appeared on many mainstream projects from Gospel, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

With humble roots in Lake Charles, LA., Kevin Nash, a self taught musician began playing the piano and singing at a young age. Although he began singing in the church choir, his love of music and heart for people would bring about so much more. Destined for purpose and a gift of orchestrating time and talent, Kevin would often put on talent shows in his neighborhood. Growing up, he would pen lyrics and produce music in his bedroom closet that he turned into a studio. Kevin’s budding talent was soon recognized in the community by a neighbor, Bro. James Ford, who mentored and introduced him to what would begin his career in radio at the age of 12 at a local radio station. His voice quickly gained the attention of listeners creating a catalyst to his success.

Appreciative of the opportunity to work with and serve the community, Kevin is always looking for avenues to enrich humanity. His goal, first and foremost is to be involved in a medium that will make a difference in the lives of people. Presently, Kevin is giving back the gift that was given to him at the age of 12, he is an instructor, and has mentored students at Fremont High, John Muir Middle, 99th Street Elementary, View Park Continuation, Watts Learning Charter, AMAS High School, and Lennox Academy High, through his Accelerated Radio School of Broadcasting after-school program. Kevin has built on-campus Radio Stations on each school site, and teaches what he calls, “Broadcasting Science”. Kevin’s talents has no limits, in the world of Photography and Video, Kevin created & directed Extraordinary People Video Series, Accelerated Radio Genesis Documentary, and God Hunters Series. Kevin’s motto is “Invest & maximize every minute, fill the need and give your best”.